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Double Glazing Windows & Doors Brentwood, Essex - LCHI Ltd

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  • 01708 545007
  • essex
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  • Double glazing is the term used to describe two panes of glass within a frame in place to reduce heat loss and to exclude external noise.

    All homes lose heat via their external windows but by having energy efficient double glazing, you reduce this and help make your property warmer.

    The space between the two panes of glass can be filled with a vacuum or a gas such as argon or krypton. Both of these methods can help increase the measure of thermal resistance, known in the industry as the “R-value”.

    You can have energy-efficient double-glazed windows in a variety of frame materials such as traditional wood or uPVC. Of course, different materials will have varying levels of energy efficiency, depending on how effective they are at preventing heat from escaping through the window, how much sunlight comes through the glass and how much air can leak in or out of the window surrounds.
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